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City: Burgas region
Region: Sozopol town
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Imagine the beauty of a town that has a glorious history of more than 26 centuries... Well presented, with only a fair portion of globalisation... An ancient impression and a casual character... Breathtaking innate nature views coupled with traditional architecture... Sandy beaches and breezy forest surrounding... Sunny days and warm waves... Now place yourself in your dream home and close your eyes...

In construction since 2005, The Holiday Village lies on a plot of 53 888 sq.m and consist of 35 residential villas with apartments of various sizes. The houses clearly resemble the original architectural style of the country's National Revival period in the 19th century. The total build-up area is 45 000 sq.m and the common areas, including parking lots and gardens, are over 30000 sq.m. The residential scheme includes swimming pools, restaurants, bars, a child care center and all kinds of additional services that make The Holiday Village a perfect place for holidays, permanent residents and even retirees. A leisurely is guaranteed by the projects' concept, which emphasizes unique amenities, excellent facilities and exclusive service.


Situated on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast, The Holiday Village is 424 sq.m away from Sofia and 34 sq.m south of Bourgas - the city that host one of Bulgaria's biggest airports. Neighbouring the ancient town of Sozopol, The Holiday Village has an excellent location on the coast, offering breathtaking sea views coupled with green and marine surroundings. Sozopol offers a leisurely lifestyle full of chic restaurants, bar and exciting activities that will fill your days with joy.

34 sq.m south of Bourgas, Sozopol is the oldest town on the Black Sea coast, dating back to 610 B.C. The city's glorious history of more than 26 centuries has been well preserved in its charming spirit, character and ambiance. Founded by Greeks from Miletus, the town was originally named Apollonia, praising the Greek God of arts and crafts. Ancient Apollonia quickly grew in significance to the era's trade industry, eventually becoming the middle grounds between Greeks and Thracians.

Sometime in the 4th century, Apollonia is said to have accepted Christianity and, as many other cities named after Apollo, adopted the name Sozopolis, meaning 'salvation city'. During the Middle Age the town was the biggest fishing city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, while developing and eventually realizing its tourism potential. During the National Revival Period, the town was rebuilt with character houses made of stones, while plaster external facades, wooden coating and red tile roof.

Today, 45 houses enclose this 19th century architectural style and are preserved as national cultural and historic monuments. The town lays within the southern part of the Bourgas Bay and has approximately 5000 inhabitants. Three branches are of great importance to the city's economic development: tourism, farming and industrial fishing.

Sozopol has 2 main beaches: Harmanite and the Old Town beach. In addition, the Golden Fish beach is situated only 200 m away from The Holiday Village.


The Holiday Village has 2 service and entertainment center that are intended to provide recreation, diversion, relaxation and all kind of services. The two facilities have 3 swimming pools and 2 smaller pools suitable for younger children. The facilities offer 2 delicious restaurants, a pizza-restaurant, 2 pool bars, a piano bar, several solar terraces, fitness and spa facilities, massages, a hair-dressers saloon, several shops and an administrative area. Services such as rent-a-car, trip bookings, medical services, property and rental management, cleaning and maintenance are easily obtainable in the village. Another important facility in the complex is the child center. We offer you an excellent playground for little ones. Specially designed for families with children of all ages, this facility guarantees children's fun and safety all day long. Baby sitting, children's animation, team games and many other activities in several languages make The Holiday Village perfect for parents and their children.

Finish of the apartments

Each villa consists of three basic types of apartments: one and two bedroom apartments and studios. While the smallest studio is about 44 sq.m and the biggest apartment is 100 sq.m, the average typical apartment is about 70 sq.m. However, given the developer's flexibility and the framework of the buildings, size modifications at the request of clients are often feasible.

The villas are built with special construction materials that are perfectly suitable to the local climate and are a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional nature materials. These include: an enforced concrete framework supported by external and internal red wall bricks; double insulating containing penopolystirol, thermo-insulation and hydro-insulation; and plasterboards that enable the perfect finis of interior walls. In addition, the villas have 3 basic construction materials that are consistent with the town's architectural style: stones, white wall pasted and traditional wooden coating. Finally, the sloped red tile roof give a charming finish to the villas.

Apartment in The Holiday Village are equipped with air conditioners, all floors are covered, walls are painted and bathrooms are fully furnished. Floorings in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and terraces are covered with ceramic tiles; bathrooms have ceramic tiles on the floor as walls; bedrooms come either with ceramic tiles or carpet on their floors. All rooms except bathrooms come with painted walls. These finished are included in the cost of your apartment. In addition, save you time and money we have put together several furniture packages that you can choose from and thus avoid the hassle of having to finishing your home by yourself. These are standard options that include the basic furniture for every room as well as electrical appliances and other equipment. Naturally, all materials used in the apartment are of your apartment are of highest quality and guarantee the comfort and cosiness of your apartment. Our furniture packages allow for both modern and classical designs.

Broker: Alex Levashki
Email: orangeimoti@gmail.com
Telephone: 02 958 41 77
GSM: 0889-795-900

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